Paleo Challenge Week 5

Saturday, Feb 2nd

“Barbara” – 31:21
5 Rounds: (scaled 4Rds and done in reverse order)
20 Pull-ups (10)
30 Push-ups (20)
40 Sit-ups (30)
50 Squats
Rest 3 minutes between each round.

Sunday, Feb 3rd

3 to 5 Rounds of:  (3 rounds 28:58)

100 meter sprint
10 push-ups
100 meter sprint
10 jumping lunges (R/L)
100 meter sprint
10 pull-ups (strict or kipping) (Scaled to Bleacher Dips)
100 meter sprint
10 burpees
100 meter sprint
10 bodyweight squats
100 meter sprint
30 sit-ups

Monday, Feb 4th

Squat,,…Quad was hurting so subbed with 3-3-3-3-3 HighBar BS

21-15-9 – 12:34
Games Standard Box Jumps (24/20)
Push Press (95/65)
Front Rack Lunge (95/65)

The Lunges were almost the death of me!

Tuesday, Feb 5th

8×100’s on 2:30


Wednesday, Feb 6th

1-1-1-1-1 (add 2.5-5lbs from your last set of singles) 165 (PR)-165-165 (pressed a little)-165

AMRAP 12 Minutes – 4 Rounds (+40secs added to finish last run)
10 Over the Box Jumps (24/20) * (Scaled to small box 12′)
10 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25) **
200m Plate Carry
* You may not land on the box while jumping. **Plate must rest flat on the ground between reps.

Thursday, Feb 7th
Rest Day
Well I weighted myself a day earlier and lost 0.4 I believe from last week.  Throughout this challenge I lost a total of 14.4lbs.  I feel like I have better results than last year, but still am not coming close to how I felt the first few times I did this.  However, I’ve been doing challenges multiple times on my own….the last being this past October right before my Marathon attempt.  So coming off a challenge just 2 months before starting another I think I did amazing.  I did not cheat once and did the best that I possibly could.  Here’s to great after pictures tomorrow and kicking ass in the WODs.

Paleo Challenge Week 4

Saturday, Jan 26th

“Brian”  – 16:58
3 Rounds:
5 Rope Climbs (Scaled to Rope Pull To Standing)
25 Back Squats (185/125)


Sunday, Jan 27th

0 to 80 min run/walk. Complete the following during the run/walk:….did 60minutes

60 min/80 min: 30 burpees after the first 20 min

60 min/80 min: 30 jumping air squats after the second 20 min

60 min/80 min: 30 burpees after the third 20 min

80 min: 30 jumping air squats after the last 20 min.


Monday, Jan 28th

2-2-2-2 (all sets at 210)

Row 1000m
3 Rounds – 11:17
30 Box Jumps (24/20)….scaled to 16 to try to cycle
15 Ring Dips….scaled to assisted

Last week I failed after two sets of 3 at 210….this week 210 felt like a breeze at 2 reps each for all rounds. For the met con I went lower on the boxes to try to learn to cycle them again…I made it thru 1 1/2 rounds then something pulled in my knee and it felt numbish/Tingly at the bottom of the jump….so I just stepped down for the rest.


Tuesday, Jan 29th

Swam 8 100’s on 2:30

Worked on Cleans beforehand…..and that was a joke at XSport…just saying


Wed, Jan 30th

2-2-2-2 (add 2.5-5lbs from your last set of doubles)…145 split jerks for all sets (wrists were the limiting factor)

AMRAP 12 Minutes 6+1
8 Hang Squat Clean (95/65)
8 Hand Release Push-ups
8 Sit-ups


Thursday, Jan 31st

Swam  – 45mins straight…I just wanted to ease into this since it was really day 6 of working out, so I did 25yd Breaststroke, 25yd Freestyle…..and completed 1800yds


Took Friday Off…..

This week I felt great…..however weightless was only 0.8….making it a total of 13.6lbs in 4 weeks…..I have been absolutely 100% strict with my Paleo eating and hopefully this last week will be a good one.  Here’s to Saturday and my after picture being fabulous!  If not, it’s only the beginning anyways…..

Paleo Challenge Week 3

Saturday 1/19

Grand Opening of Falls Church Crossfit: 33:22
30 reps of the following….Wall Balls (8# 10ft)/Burpees/25# weighted squats/15# side to side crushers/10# slam balls/hand release push ups/kettle bells swings/toes to bars (20 then switched 10 to needs to elbows)/box jumps/walking lunges


Monday 1/21

3-3-3-3 (210 but only 2 sets + 1 rep)

3 Rounds:  89
1 Minute Row
Rest 1 Minute
1 Minute Thruster (65/45)
Rest 1 Minute


Tuesday 1/22

45mins on the bike


Friday 1/25

EMOTM 10 Minutes
2 Front Squats (115…..front squats are soooooo hard for me…this was pulling my back?)
5 Knees to Elbows

“Diane”…..I think 6:4something?

Deadlift (155)
Push ups 


Ok… I weighed myself this week and had better results!  I lost exactly 5lbs!!!  Making the total for the 3 weeks 12.8!!!  This makes me happy after the only 0.6 loss last week! 🙂


Paleo Challenge Week 2

Monday 1/14

3-3-3-3 (I stayed the same weight this week at 205, because last week I struggled a bit….today definitely felt better on all reps….next week I’ll go up to 210)

4 rounds:  63 (I went probably to heavy, since my # of reps were really low)
1 Minute Power Snatch (115/80) *
1 Minute Wallball (20/14 to 10ft)
1 Minute Rest

* Your hands must come off the bar and you must stand all the way up between reps. No touch and go. Press outs and muscle snatches are not Rxd. These should be good, clean reps each time.


Tuesday 1/15



Wednesday 1/16

Level I
    Jerk 1-1-1-1-1: 145 (split…..I need to figure out how to drop under the bar…..because I barely do at this point)
    “Quarter Gone Bad”:  75 total (consistent at 15 reps per round)
5 Rounds
15 Seconds Thrusters (95/65)
Rest 45 Seconds
15 Seconds Pull-ups/Assisted Strict Pull-ups (purple/red)
Rest 45 Seconds
15 Seconds Burpees
Rest 45 Seconds

Thursday 1/17

Swam (just a little…..laughingly I went to water zumba because I thought it would be a good rest thing…….that was ridiculously horrible….so I left the class and since I was at the gym just swam a few slow laps to loosen up)


Friday 1/18

EMOTM 10 Minutes
2 Front Squat (Rack is allowed if you are using big weight)  @105 (I cannot do front squats!!!)
4 Toes to Bar (first 5 rounds then switched to knees to whatever)

“Nasty Girls”

3 Rounds:  13:01
35 Squats
7 Strict Pull ups/Assisted Strict Pull ups (purple/2red)
10 Hang Power Cleans (95/65) (stayed light because of the clean WOD from last week pulling my back….I was a bit scared even though they were only hangs)

 The squats midway through the second round started hurting my knee?  The last round was ridiculous, but I slowly completed them.  I have NO idea why air squats would create sharp pains in my knee when I’m lifting more than I ever have with NO pain on Oly lifts???  
Now the weigh in…..ugh!  I know weight doesn’t matter, but my pants don’t seem to feel any looser either!  I’m a bit frustrated with my only 0.6# loss this week….making the 2 week total at 7.8#s.  I am being 100% strict (anally strict) and working out more than I have in months! 😦  Here is to a better week 3!


Paleo Challenge Week 1


We did 3 different WODs

WOD 1:  1min Pullups-Pushups (kneeling)-Situps-Squats

I ended getting 98…..which was lower than the start and finish of last year, but I did pull-ups this time instead of ring rows (last year I had 85 –>111…….so actually I did better than I did the start of last year….which makes me happy and doing pull-ups as well!)

WOD 2:  1RM Clean

I ended up with 145…..this was worse than last year….however my best was 140 until the start of the challenge where I got 155….and then got 165 at the finale…..I remember thinking that it was timing….because it “felt” easier even though it was a heavier weight….I haven’t been able to do the 155 or 165 since then… am I happy with 145 not really but it’s still a good weight.

WOD 3:  6minutes

5 Burpees

10 KB Swings (35)

15 Push-Press (35)

I ended up with 119 (this was slightly better than last year as I got 103 –> 115)  I was happy to see I did a little better.

I felt horrible after the first WOD and actually got sick during the lecture… with all that said I was happy with Day 1 of the Challenge


Monday 1/7/13

BS 2-2-2-2………all at 205 (which was pretty hard)

3 Rounds:  Total 142 (55-50-47)

1 minute Burps

1 minute Situps

1 minute KL Swings

1 minute Rest

My abs were hurting pretty bad from saturday and this was pretty much torture!

Tuesday 1/8/13

I swam and biked


Wednesday 1/9/13

Jerks 2-2-2-2…….All at 135


Power Clean (95)

Over the Box Jumps (12)


I did the first round…..then on the 2nd round I felt tingling in my butt lower back and after 3 cleans I stopped…..I finished the rest of the WOD minus the cleans……no time since I didn’t complete the WOD as prescribed


Thursday 1/10/13

Swam only


Friday 10/11/13

EMOTM 10 minutes

Dealift (135 snatch deadlift only….I was scared to pull something in my back/butt…..since it tingled a bit when I would bend over to drop the bar during warmups on occasion)

Seated DB Press (30)

3 Rounds:  11:35

15 Alternating DB Snatch (40)

15 Toes to Bars (I did about 8 TTB and realized I wouldn’t finish the WOD in time so I just did knees to chest the remaining 7 and 15 for the 2-3 round)

15 Push Press (65)

1 minute rest


Saturday 11/12/13

Much needed rest day!


As of Saturday 1/12/13 I am down 7.2 lbs…..even though weight doesn’t matter!!!  Especially with this body (unfortunately I will always weigh a ton!)


10/8/12 PCF WOD

10-10-10 (About 65-75% of 1RM)

135-175-165 (175 almost killed me and couldn’t think of doing another set, but I was able to do the 165 with no problem)

Hopper Challenge Individual WOD #4 (Open Division) – 11:01
30 Toes to Bar (scaled knees to chest)
30 Front Squats (155/105) (scaled to level I 65#)
Run 800m

I realized I have no idea how to do front squats….my STOMACH was so tire more than my legs because I was leaning forward so much and having to pull myself up???? Ugh!  I know to keep my elbows up…but my flexibility barely allows that to start with and I was choking myself with the bar….maybe one day I’ll learn


10/9/12 CFE WOD

Today was the 2mile TT.

My time was 26:3?

This falls between my first of 25 something (walking the ridiculous hill) and 28 something (running the whole thing).  I’ll take this improvement over last month….especially being right off of the second week of Paleo and being pretty tired last week through WODs.



3 Rounds:
1 Minute 10ft Wallball (20/14)
1 Minute Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (75/55)
1 Minute Box Jump (20/20) (scaled 12)
1 Minute Push-Press (75/55)
1 Minute Row (Cal)
1 Minute Rest

I felt like crap and am not even going to post my score….looking back from 2010 when I was the top of my fitness I was about 90 reps under……I’m not sure if it’s because I’m finishing up week 2 of paleo or what, but yeah I felt like complete crap!


I lost track of days because I wasn’t posting….well here you go

EMOTM 10 Minutes
2 Deadlifts – (215)
4 HSPU – (scaled to 2 negatives)

I definitely was tired after that…..surprising I finished the real WOD.


3 Rounds – 15:41
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (70/53)….(scaled to Russian)
15 Ring Dips (scaled to L1 10 Ring Dips assisted)

And I felt like crap, but finished! 🙂

Day 1 Week 2 PCF WOD

Crossfit Total


Squat 260 (pr)

Press 110

Deadlift 305

So for the squat I started at 255, because 250 was my max and I thought I could do a little more.  I have to say when I tried 260 that was the first holy crap moment int he middle of a squat lift I have ever had.  I think I actually met my max for once.  I didn’t even try a 3rd attempt. 🙂

Press was not a good day.  I hit 120 on Wednesday last week…that was a PR by 10….but after that I couldn’t lift a thing.  So I started at 110 and got it up.  Then I tried 12o and failed miserably and did the same for 115.

Deadlift….I have actually only tried to do a heavy DL lift once since lifting after my surgery….so I really did not know what to do.  My max before my injury was 305… I really wanted to see what would happen.  I completed it.  I tried 310 and got more than 1/2 way and bailed…..then my 3rd attempt was a complete failure….I barely lifted it off the floor.

All in all I’m extremely happy with today.  8/6/10 was the last time I was able to do CFT and I only got 575.  Squat 190 Press 95 Deadlift 190… I call this a success! 😀

Day 6 CFE

So today we ran around the National Mall.  After last saturdays 10k I was not sure how I was going to feel since I practically died running just over 6miles….but I did a 10min run/2min walk and felt great!  I ran that for 1hr and ran about 4 3/4miles…..So I definitely feel better about trying to complete the MCM after today.  It gave me a bit more confidence that I won’t fail before the bridge…..but I’m still stressing a bit about this damn race! 🙂

Then played flag at 1pm with IU….and we won!  Good Day!

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