WOD/Tri Training Week 5 Day 3

Let me start off by saying I felt FABULOUS running these today…well that was until the last one….possible reasons…well one the training…but the time of day and temp as well…I didn’t start running until about 9:30pm and the temp is low 70s and NO humidity!!!

I played softball today, but only caught and batted only twice….so I thought I’d do the running WOD today since I have a double header on Saturday….next few days will be WOD/rest/WOD/rest

Compare to Week 2 Day 5

Run 400m x 4, rest 1xRun time (i.e., if 400m takes you 2:00, you rest 2:00)
2:40 (3:01), 2:30 (3:09), 2:41 (3:14), 2:43 (3:17)

This is a drastic change!!!!!…so runs 2 and 4 should be faster because they are a bit downhillish….while I had to run uphillish 🙂 on 1 and 3….reminder as well – I felt like I was going to die after run one on Week 2…so happy about today…

The last one almost from the start I got a horrible cramp under my right rib cage, which made is extremely hard to take a breath….and then caused a cramp in my right neck and shoulder probably because I was trying to run with that side stretched out…so I could breathe a little…lol



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